Who were Quraysh?

"Adnan", a descendant of Isma’il had many children. Among Adnan’s descendants, Fihr ibn Malik was a distinguished chief of the tribe. From Fihr’s descendants Qusayy ibn Kilab emerged. He ruled Makkah and held the keys to the Ka’bah. He was the guardian of the waters of Zamzam and was responsible for feeding the pilgrims. He alone controlled the affairs of Makkah.

Among his sons, Abd Manaf was the most illustrious, while his eldest son, Hashim became a great man of the people. He provided food and water for the pilgrims coming to Makkah. He was the father of Abdul Muttalib, the Messenger of Allah’s grandfather. His popularity outstripped that of his ancestors.

The descendants of Fihr ibn Malik were called Quraysh. All the Arabs recognized the excellent lineage and nobility of the Quraysh.