Universal Sunnah Foundation

The Universal Sunnah Foundation, is committed to the cause of peace for all human biengs the foundation with its team members is working to promote harmany love and respect for each other. We blieve prayer is good for our body and soul. we do not discriminate amoungst different fikka's or faiths. Through the life history of The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) we intend to spread the Message of Peace which at present time in history is badly needed.

We welcome all peace loving human beings irrespestive of there faith, cast and color, to join us in promoting harmany love and respect for each other. As strongly advocated in Islam.

The USF has placed a new biography, which is to be published in book form only later this year, Muhammad (PBUH) The Beloved of Allah, by Salim-Ibn-Muhammad Raffi, at www.usf.edu.pk. Based on both Muslim and non-Muslim sources. It includes pictures, rare maps and family trees. The USF hopes that research students , politicians, clergymen, professors and leaders from the world over would have access to this web site and benefit from it.

The USF will be following this up with material on Tib-i-Nabvi, benefits of prayer, interest-free banking and economy, and environmental protection, which will be made available at the same web site.